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SAG Award Fashion!

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The SAG Awards were another chance for our TV actors and actresses to get dressed up and strut their stuff on the Red Carpet for awards season! Two definite trends of the night were the color black and side-part hairstyles! See some of the top hits and misses in the slideshow, and sound off in the comments on your best/worst dress picks.

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Parks and Recreation- Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Edition

This week’s episode of “Parks and Recreation” involved a ton of character development and was significantly important to moving along the fifth season. As Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt are quickly approaching their wedding, the couple has their bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Leslie’s party, planned by Anne Perkins began as a cozy evening with the girls and things got a little crazy when an Abraham Lincoln stripper appears. Leslie can’t let go of the fact that a “Paunchburger” is breaking ground on her park site, so she certainly can’t enjoy her own bachelorette party or a stripper dressed like one of her favorite politicians. An inebriated Leslie makes a run for the park site and spreads Wamapo Indian artifacts in the dirt. Fun fact: Indiana state laws immediately halt construction if artifacts are found at the site. Not so fun fact: Leslie wakes up hungover and full of regret.

Meanwhile, Ben’s bachelor party was planned by the ultimate people-pleaser, Chris Traeger. The party opens with Ben’s favorite game, “Settlers of Canter,” and naturally Ben wins. After a quick snore the boys all realize that they never got a real bachelor party. For assorted reasons (Tom’s green card wedding, Jerry’s medical snafu, Andys elopement or Ron’s exes being to insane), all of the partygoers had missed out on a good old fashioned raunchy and debauchery-filled bachelor party. Each man decides to pick a part of the night to redeem themselves. They end up visiting a ton of fun places: Jerry’s favorite ice cream parlor, Tom’s dream nightclub, a steakhouse for Ron and Lucas Oil Stadium for Andy. The stadium scene looked like the most fun, since it featured cameos of the Colts’ coach and some NFL athletes. When the night concluded, all men were satisfied but they noticed Chris Traeger has been unhappily single for a long time now.

Meanwhile, the next day Leslie comes clean to the Wamapoke Tribal Leader Ken Hotante, and miraculously he takes pity on her. During the negotiation meeting, he does not expose Leslie’s misdeed. Although the artifacts were not proven to be original, Ken gets clever and threatens the Ponchburger franchises within his casinos. Leslie feels bad about the situation, but happy that Ken respected her dedication to the site.

The rotating bachelor party crew reconvenes in Chris’s office. They hand him a “best man” trophy and give him a very encouraging pep-talk. They tell him any lady is lucky to have him, and it brightens Chris’s spirits.

This episode gets viewers more and more excited for the wedding of Ben and Leslie. It was definitely not a filler episode and is a great memory of all of the characters.

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Little-known TV Spin-offs

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Popular shows often spark spin-offs – just look at shows like CSI or Law & Order. However, not all of these spin-offs are so well known. Click through the slideshow to see some popular shows (in the U.S. and U.K.) that produced spin-offs you may not have known about.

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Here’s What You Missed On Glee…

When we last saw our gleeks they were merrily singing Christmas tunes from New York City to good old Lima, Ohio. If you haven’t seen this episode yet, you better catch up before Glee returns this Thursday, January 24th.

In New York Kurt received a Christmas visit from his father – and Blaine! The two sang a Christmas duet as they skated through Central Park. The happiness was short lived, though, once Kurt’s father dropped the bomb that he was diagnosed with cancer. Back at McKinley, Britney and Sam prepare for the Mayan apocalypse by getting married – only to live through the December 21st doomsday and find out that Coach Beast provided them with a fake wedding. In the spirit of Christmas togetherness, Puck and Jake brought together their nemesis mothers. Meanwhile, Coach Sylvester provided her secret Santa pick of Marley’s mother with a grand Christmas and enough money to send Marley to a therapist who specializes in eating disorders. A whole bunch of Christmas merriness ensues with many musical numbers surrounding Christmas.

I am really looking forward to Glee returning from their winter hiatus. This week’s episode is entitled “Sadie Hawkins Dance,” so I’m foreseeing a lot of interesting couple match-ups this week. I am also hearing something about a cheating scandal from Sectionals which would only be the easy way out for the Glee writers. What is a season where you have nothing to compete for and nothing to work and practice towards? So we’ll just say they cheated, and New Directions wins? Easily predictable- which Glee is definitely becoming recently. We also have some exciting songs to look forward to this week including a current favorite of mine: “Locked Out Of Heaven” by Bruno Mars which will be sung by Marley, Unique and the girls.

Sound off in the comments about what you are looking forward to seeing in the second half of season 4! Rachel and Finn back together? The return of mean Sue? The wedding of Ms. Pillsbury and Mr. Shue? Let me know!

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Money Changes Everything

Our favorite Seattle Grace doctors sure dove into a lot of revelations on this week’s episode! Remember, if you haven’t seen the episode yet – stop reading here! Spoilers ahead.

We begin the episode learning that doctors Meredith Grey, Derek Sheppard, Christina Yang and Arizona Robins won their court case against the hospital regarding their airplane crash. And this isn’t any old win – this one comes with a cool 15 mil. EACH. A pretty huge lump sum of money. Our doctors are still sad over the deaths of Lexi Grey and Mark Sloane and so all the money does is shock and numb them. Callie, however, chooses to celebrate the win despite the others’ somber attitudes. During the dinner Callie expresses her feeling of gratitude and relief that the group is making progress moving on with their lives. Arizona stood for hours during surgery, Derek played ping pong without having his wrist get sore, Christina and Owen are making amends, and Meredith finally announces her pregnancy. A pretty touching moment that lead the characters to finally celebrate and be merry.

Back at the hospital Owen meets with hospital board members who tell him their insurance company has found a loop hole in the case and has decided not to pay the doctors. This leaves the hospital responsible for paying – and really, what hospital has an extra 60 million dollars lying around? Seattle Grace is now bankrupt and will be forced to close their doors. So while our doctors are out celebrating their 15 million dollar win they are yet to find out that it is because of them that they will lose the hospital and jobs they all love.

Do I think Seattle Grace will really close? Of course not. But it is an interesting plot twist that I am interested in seeing played out. I was also intrigued with Alex’s relationship with Dr. Wilson. The notorious man whore get a female friend outside Mer and Christina? “She’s hot and she’s always around. But I don’t think of her like that.” …until she pulls the girlfriend move of buying him a couch. Uh Huh. Heaven knows they’ll definitely get together at some point but I am rooting for their friendship right now. Sound off in the comments on your thoughts on the impending closure of Seattle Grace! Think it is the beginning of the end? Think Alex can finally keep it in his pants on this one? Other topics I totally missed because there was just so much in this episode? We’d love to hear from you!

Talkin Tv With Alex

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