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Parks and Recreation’s Greatest Couples

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Criminal Minds – “Carbon Copy” Recap

Tonight’s episode of Criminal Minds found the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) in Philadelphia investigating a series of murdered nurses who died of exsanguination. Of course, the team recognizes this MO from their previous case in San Francisco, where it turned out that the UnSub was a hemophiliac who was draining the victims’ blood to use the platelets. The UnSub also removed the victims’ eyelids to make them “see,” because he wasn’t successful in selling his art. It appears that the BAU’s stalker has made a comeback.

In the beginning of the episode, JJ receives a bouquet of white Lilies. JJ is married, so Reid and Garcia assumed that the flowers had been sent from her husband Will. Upon opening the card, however, it’s discovered that that is not the case. Just one word is printed on the card: Zugzwang. This is the infamous word that Reid heard over the phone in episode where his girlfriend, Maeve, is kidnapped. Zugzwang is a chess term that describes the situation when a player realizes he is in Checkmate and cannot make a move that does not worsen his situation.

Garcia uses her quick computer search skills to figure out that the bouquet was bought with a stolen credit card from a florist in Philadelphia, which is how the team discovers the recent murders that are a “carbon copy” of the ones they investigated in San Francisco.

The BAU end up identifying a man who was previously involved with a series of murders of nurses in Pittsburgh, Pa., a case that a previous BAU team worked on. The man was wrongly accused and held by police for weeks before another suspect was eventually arrested and charged. He was innocent, but the media attention from when he was held ended up ruining his relationship with his wife and daughters. He was unable to find stable work, and his health took a toll when he was beat up after being recognized. The attack left him with epileptic-like symptoms.

After the man finally admits to the recent murders in Philadelphia, JJ brings up the other copy-cat murders that they’ve been dealing with throughout this season so far. Hotchner and Reid, who were investigating the man’s home, found evidence that pointed to this man being “The Replicator,” the team’s stalker: photographs of Hotchner and eyelids from past victims.

An unfortunate turn of events sees this suspect purposely overdose on his seizure medication after making a phone call to an unknown number. Garcia works her magic again and traces the call to a cell phone in Pittsburgh. The team hops on the jet to hunt try to catch their stalker. As the team realizes that the cell phone is still in the same location, they begin to suspect a trap. They are headed right where the Replicator wants them to go.

After arriving in Pittsburgh, the agents–along with a SWAT team from the Pittsburgh police–discover what the Replicator has waiting for them. Inside an abandoned building sits a stereo playing “Just in Time” by Dean Martin, the cell phone that lead them there, and boards filled with pictures of the various BAU agents with the word zugzwang written around them. The Replicator has also left them with another body and a bloodied hammer. As the agents take in the scene, the episode ends and leaves viewers wondering what is going to happen next.

CRM2320-promos_thumb_640x360Screencap – Credit CBS

Unfortunately, there is no new episode of Criminal Minds next week. The show returns on March 20th with the episode “The Gathering.”

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Awards Shows – How Do They Compare?

Last night had millions captivated by the airing of the 85th Academy Awards, which is also known as the Oscars. Winter is the time of year when we look to see if our favorite actors, actresses, movies, tv shows and musical acts have come out on top. In the past two months alone there have been nine awards ceremonies; see a list from Yahoo here.

Take a look below to see some of the most popular and well-known awards ceremonies, ranging from the Academy Awards to the People’s Choice Awards. As expected, the Academy Awards and the Grammys came out on top with the highest average number of viewers in 2011 and 2012. Though the Tony Awards, which focuses on excellence in Broadway theatre, is the third oldest ceremony, it ended up with the fewest number of viewers with just around 5 million. It isn’t surprising that more popular industries, such as film and music, came out on top. Let us know in the comments what you thought of last night’s Academy Awards and which awards ceremony is your favorite.

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*Statistics were gathered from the Nielsen television ratings.

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Suits Season Finale – Recap

The season finale of USA network’s “Suits” aired last Thursday, making a dramatic end to the second half of the show’s second season. If you didn’t get a chance to watch, you can watch the promo below, then catch up OnDemand or online before reading below the video.


Last episode, Jessica Pearson finally took Daniel Hardman’s name off the wall, leaving viewers to wonder who’s name would make the replacement. Jessica previously turned down Harvey’s plea for the spot and was contemplating a merger with the British firm they have been working with during the past couple of episodes. Though at the end of the finale it is still unclear what name will join Jessica’s, it will certainly not be Harvey’s. What we do know is that Harvey is determined to keep the firm from merging with the British firm run by Edward Darby and which his ex-love interest Scottie works for.

It turns out that Jessica wants the merger to happen. She ends up putting an end to Mike and Harvey’s plans to end the merger by threatening to turn Mike in if he files the suit. Mike caves, but he knows Harvey will be upset – and he is. The promo for the finale showed Harvey firing Mike, but fortunately that didn’t come to pass. Surprisingly, it’s Jessica that ends up defending Mike and then berating Harvey. Basically, she wants to put him in his place. Harvey isn’t her partner, so she doesn’t want him making decisions for her firm. She’s forcing Harvey to stay with the firm, to sign a non-compete claus and to have to earn his way to being partner.

There was also a lot of character tension this episode beyond that between Jessica and Harvey. Louis found himself a rival in the British firm’s Nigel Alexander Nesbitt. The two banter about everything from who has the better education to the ridiculous who had mud-bathed at the most exotic or esteemed locales. After bonding over the theatre, or rather over being annoyed by other theatre patrons, it seems that the two will get along. However, Louis’s inability to trust leaves him to make a mistake that leads him to, most likely (it wasn’t shown on screen), losing his new found friendship.

Though Louis can’t salvage that relationship, he does try to right his misdoing with paralegal Rachel Zane. Last episode he lied to Rachel, who was denied admission to Harvard, about why she wasn’t let in. Instead of telling her the truth, that she just wasn’t accepted because other applicants were better, Louis said that his relationship with one of the admissions officers lead to her not being accepted. Unfortunately, Rachel wouldn’t accept this and attempted to get Mike to write a letter to Harvard explaining the situation and hopefully granting her acceptance. This, of course, lead to the issue that Mike never actually graduated from Harvard — or any law school for that matter. By the end of the episode, Louis finally tells Rachel the real reason she won’t be going to Harvard, and Rachel confronts Mike about not sending the letter on her behalf. The truth is out; now Rachel knows Mike’s secret, too. Though, she took the news surprisingly well.

To cause some more drama, it turns out that Scottie is in love with Harvey, which is why she ended up not marrying her fiance after all. All of the friendly competition she starts with him is just her way of trying to get his attention, but now Harvey won’t trust her. Donna convinces Scottie to sacrifice everything to let Harvey win so that maybe Harvey will she that she isn’t as conniving as he thinks. The whole plan ends up backfiring: Scottie gets fired and Jessica calls out Mike and Harvey on their scheme. Though it’s uncertain if Harvey and Scottie will end up together, he does manage to convince Edward Darby to give Scottie her job back.

This episode certainly set up for what will surely be a dramatic third series. Will Pearson Hardman become Pearson Darby? What will become of Mike and Harvey’s relationship now that they are on the outs?

Don’t worry, the show has already been renewed and will return again this summer. Keep following @Suits_USA and the Suits Facebook page for the latest news and announcements during the hiatus.

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Real Housewives Recap: Tea Party Style

This past episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills featured Lisa’s annual tea party. If you could recall, last season’s tea party ended in tears and drunken screams. This year, Lisa is sure she won’t disappoint and brings the drama by inviting Brandi and Adrienne, who have been battling one another complete with a lawsuit threat. That sounds like two perfect people to be attending the same event.

Brandi showed the ladies around Lisa’s new house and even tours her “own room,” which is a guest room within the estate. Brandi jokes as if she is their teenage daughter. During the tour, Brandi and Taylor discover a very tasteful nude photo of Lisa and giggle like schoolgirls. They also get lost in Lisa’s closet, which looks more like a shopping mall. Everything Lisa owns truly is pink.

The tea party was lavish. The decor was pristine. The men were hot. Yes, the men- Lisa’s waitstaff. She had Jax and ponytail man from Sur, and her spin-off show “Vanderpump Rules” bartend her tea party. Did I mention a Vanderpump tea party has no tea? Lisa’s teaparty serves cocktails only.

Fast forward to all of the ladies sitting at their table and giving a usual Real Housewives style toast. This is obviously asked of the cast by all of the producers in every Housewives’ franchise on television. It usually goes something like this- “There has been drama, but we’re all here at this table, so let’s all celebrate together!” Usually, the audience isn’t quite sure what they are celebrating, but we go with it anyway.

After a particularly half-assed toast, Taylor Armstrong makes her swift and desperate attempt to remain legitimate in the show. She quips- “everyone loves to sue everyone here, so that’ll be fun.” BAM- instant drama! Several ladies are clearly wasted at this time and Adrienne is not amused. Brandi looks shocked, and Taylor is giggling and slurring her words. Kyle instantly changes the subject and mentions the upcoming white party, and Taylor rebuts that she did not like being turned away from the white party when her (now deceased) husband threatened to sue. Brandi starts looking for the hot bartenders so she doesn’t draw attention to herself. Lisa is not amused and asked Taylor to get up and help her grab something from the house. Lisa tells Taylor to cut the crap and stop instigating the ladies. Taylor uses a phony excuse and says that she is not (cough-trying to make drama on television to stay relevant-cough) doing that, but is offended because Adrienne had gotten mad at Taylor’s lawsuit last season. Let’s call this Taylor’s revenge.

Taylor’s comment obviously broke the ice to begin a screaming match between Brandi and Adrienne across the table. Allegations went flying as the ladies accused one another of slander on Twitter, denying lawsuitgate, and even bringing Adriennes butler into the feud. Did he or didn’t he leak info to the press about Brandi? Obviously he did because he also did this. Why, Bernie, why? That story is neither here nor there, but it is a mess and who knows who is lying! The drama will obviously come to a head when the white party happens next week. More alcohol, more outlandish behavior, and the husbands get involved! I can’t wait to see Ken stand up for what he believes in- he is such a cute British man and I can’t even imagine him getting mad! Until next time…

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The evolution of Rachel Berry

Rachel Berry of Glee has definitely gone through some major character changes this season! And along with them have come some rocking new style changes as well. I am loving the new hair style and clothing choices. Check out the slide show below to see just how far Rachel has come in 4 seasons. Let’s hope we don’t have to add maternity outfits to this slideshow! Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think is Rachel’s best look!

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Parks and Rec: Fundraiser Edition

Thursday’s episode of Parks and Recreation featured a major progression towards Leslie’s dream coming true- the lot becoming a park. The trouble, of course, is money, as it requires $30,000 to make Leslie’s dream a reality. Councilman Jamm has the cash, and he wanted the Paunchburger to break ground. The competition is fierce, but Leslie and Ben have a strike of genius when they decide to dedicate their wedding registry to park materials, such as dedicated benches and playground materials.

Everyone is diligently helping out where they can. Donna is in charge of furniture logistics, Tom is looking for catering donations and Ben is the project manager overseeing it all. Leslie, Ann and Chris were looking forward to working hard on the project as well, but they were taken by surprise when an unexpected guest shows up. A man from the department of the emergency services is holding a drill- conveniently on that very day! Since emergencies are unexpected, so are the drills. Leslie is the Pawnee Emergency Czar, and she is crucial to leading the drill.

Due to Leslie, Chris and Ann’s absence, the show must go on with the rest of the crew planning on the outside. The crisis is selected as avian flu, and Chris is one of the citizens “infected.” Leslie and the other city council workers must notify the citizens as fast as the can and help a flustered animal control.

On the outside, Ben faces many challenges as project manager. Donna only had tables delivered and not chairs. Tom cannot find a caterer willing to donate tons of food for charity. Ron has to awkwardly stand in for Leslie on the Pawnee TV station, despite a hung over Joan Callamezzo, the TV anchorwoman. He tries his best to promote the fundraiser even though Joan is comatose in her interview chair.

Eventually, Leslie discovers that Councilman Jamm set up the emergency drill to purposely hinder the fundraiser. Leslie cares so much about the city of Pawnee, but she knows this drill is ready to be over. She conspires with Ann and Chris to kill the whole city with avian flu and end the drill. They instruct animal control to give the birds mouth to mouth resuscitation and tell people to go outdoors. The city is wiped out almost completely and the Emergency Services drill leader lets them leave.

They arrive to the fundraiser site to see that Ben, Ron, Tom, and Donna have gotten things all under control. Tom had the competitors of the fast food industry donate food to protest the Paunchburger’s opening. Donna got the furniture situation under control and everything looked beautiful. Ron’s TV promotion was so successful that there were tons of attendance, and Ben was on top of the world when Leslie arrived. Ben was so ecstatic, that he decided to ask Leslie to marry him- TONIGHT. The climatic ending was the cliffhanger we’ve all been waiting for. Amidst all of the wedding planning, could the nuptials be held in the next episode already? OF COURSE- and we can’t wait.

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Grey’s Anatomy – Hard Bargins

When we last left our Seattle Grace doctors they were lamenting the impending sale of the hospital and sneaking in trauma patients.  Callie and Richard tank a recon trip to a nearby hospital run by incoming buyer, Pegasus.  What they find in their excursion has them both feeling unsettled, and has Richard considering an early retirement package!  In an attempt to save the hospital from what Callie sees as impending doom, she proposes that the plane crash survivors buy the hospital themselves.  What are hospitals going for these days anyway?  Can you imagine the 5 of them running a hospital?  They can barely run their own lives.  I’m really looking forward to seeing this storyline play out if they do in fact go through with buying the hospital.

This week’s episode titled “Hard Bargin” has Derek proposing to resign from Seattle Grace (doubtful) and Owen being forced to turn down a child for an expensive surgery.  And of course we’ll have more of Alex and Jo working together.  A picture for the following week’s episode shows Jo in tears after a conversation with Alex.  There is speculation the tears could be caused by him or by the intern’s fear of being fired from financial cuts.

In other spoiler-y news: Michael Ausiello reports that series creator Shonda Rhimes has stated that the season ender will not feature a “catastrophe” this year.  Thank goodness because I don’t think this little hospital could take much more of that.  Rhimes says that she has “a general idea of what the finale is going to be, but it’s been evolving as the season progresses…”

What are you looking forward to seeing this week?  Do you think the five will actually buy the hospital and do you think they’ll be able to keep their day jobs to do it?  Think this will be the week that Alex and Jo will get together?  Or Jackson and April?  Sound off in the comments and watch along with us this week!


Glee – Diva’s a Female Version of a Hustla

Thank goodness for the return of themed Glee episodes!  DIVA – I can’t believe they haven’t done this one before.  So we’ll start with the #1 Diva, Rachel.  Apparently winning the showcase has gone to her head, and Kurt complains that she is being a pain because of it.  He tells her that he let her win their first singing competition and that he could beat her anytime he wants, which of course he does.  I don’t understand why they always knock Rachel down.  Let the girl shine! Of course she pouts like a child for the rest of the episode.

Diva #2 – Santana.  I was so excited when Sue said “What is with you glee club ex-pats? Don’t you have jobs? You have to have some source of income so you can pay the staff of scientists who service your teleporters that you all clearly on since you’re constantly showing up here.” It was exactly what I was thinking.  NY, Ohio, NY- crazy.  And what a burn on Britney after her performance, pretending to have a new girlfriend!  AH!  She is so selfish for breaking up with Britney and not wanting anyone else to have her.  Such great performances from Santana all night – that girl is a diva!

Also in this episode is more Tina pining over Blaine which really annoys me for some reason. She finally won a competition by singing good old Madonna. Yay for her, what a transformation from season 1.

Mr. Schu is getting married next week!  YAY!  I totally called it, something was going to happen between Finn and Mrs. Pillsbury though.  There’s another inappropriate relationship.

Also – I really didn’t like any of the songs in this episode, so it was a real bummer.  Hopefully next week’s Vanentine’s/Wedding episode will provide better songs!  What did you think of this week’s songs?  Think Mr. Schu and Ms. Pillsbury will actually wind up getting married next week?  Sound off in the comments!

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