Welcome to Storybrooke – “Once Upon a Time” Recap

With both “Criminal Minds” and “Suits” on hiatus, this week the blog will be covering “Once Upon a Time,” which airs Sunday nights on ABC at 8 p.m. If you haven’t yet seen this seasons episodes, take caution because the following summary has many spoilers.

In the aftermath of Cora’s death, Regina plans to seek revenge against Mary Margaret and to get Henry back. She finds a spell in one of Cora’s dresses which will allow her to do both those things.

Meanwhile, the show flashes back to when Regina’s curse first took hold. The first scenes of the episode show a father and son camping in the woods when the storm of magic overtakes the land. They discover the new town, which wasn’t on their map, and end up meeting Regina. She quickly takes to them and invites them over for dinner.

Despite the fact that she has complete control over the town and that she’s split up Snow and Prince Charming, she still isn’t happy. She realizes that having them under her power because she forced them to be isn’t the same as them obeying her because they want to. So when two people from outside of Storybrooke enter the picture, she realizes she has a chance for a real relationship with people who aren’t being forced to stay there, but that might want to stay because they want to.

Regina talks to the young boy, Owen, and finds that his mother had passed away six months ago. The two of them bond as Regina can relate to the pain of having lost a loved-one. Later, she asks Owen and his father if they would like to stay in town, offering the father a job. Unfortunately, Owen’s father declines the offer, which upsets Regina. She has Graham, the sheriff, to arrest the father. As Owen is running away, she tries to explain that she thought they could be happy together, to which he replies, “Not like this.” So she let’s him go.

In present day Storybrooke, Henry decides to fix things by finding a way to destroy magic altogether. This way, Regina can’t kill Snow and he won’t be forced under a curse. As he is stealing dynamite from the dwarves’ mines to blow up the wishing well, he runs into Regina, Emma, Baelfire, Charming, and Rumplestiltskin. Henry doesn’t end up destroying the town’s magic, but Regina ends up destroying the potion she was going to use.

Snow is still reeling with guilt over being partially responsible for Cora’s death, and in the end she goes to Regina and asks to be killed. Regina rips out her heart, only to discover a black spot forming in the center. She tells Snow that she won’t put her out of her misery and that it’s Snow’s own fault that her heart is turning black.

But the real surprise? The man who mysteriously drove his car into town, crashing it as Hook shot Belle at the edge of the town, is actually the little boy Owen now all grown up. He’s still looking for his father, and he’s gotten plenty of evidence of the town’s magic recorded on his cell phone. Not only will there be trouble in Snow’s future, but the entire town is at risk of being exposed.



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