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Not Your Mother’s TV

The act of watching television has undergone an extensive transformation in recent years. The way in which most Americans watched television growing up is rapidly changing and continues to change every day. The main reason for this change? The internet of course. The internet seems to be our answer for everything and all changes in current society, but it is the source of change for its competing medium: television.

According to Nielson, the average American spends 41 hours a week consuming media from all screens. Screens can include tv, computer, smart phone and even tablets.  Between 2007 and 2013, 2.5 million households have changed the way they get their media content, favoring other devices and services. A whopping five million homes now choose to get their content through these other screens instead of through typical television subscription services. Nielson calls these “zero-tv households” despite the fact that the majority of them own at least one television. These televisions are connected to the internet rather than a cable service provider. Instead 48 percent of these households are watching television content through subscription services such as Hulu, Netflix, or Roku.

These unique households are comprised of individuals under the age of 35 and who have no children.  The majority of them cite cost as their main reason for not subscribing to a television service.

“In this economy having a Netflix subscription is what we can afford.  With two young kids I could never watch my favorite shows when they air anyway so it just makes sense,” Philadelphia resident Roberta Pierce said.

Nielson plans to begin including these “zero-tv households” into their research for 2013 because they account for five percent of the market. Expanding research to include the new ways that consumers obtain their media and entertainment is a reaction to the evolving way that people are watching television.

Another change to television watching is the added aspect of social media. Social media is now so tightly intertwined with the act of watching television that many people won’t watch without their smart phones in hand.  Smartphone usage while watching television can serve a multitude of purposes.

One purpose for using a smart phone while viewing is to look up information. People are looking up information about actors, programming, scheduling, and content found in commercials. Many commercials are using the smart phone app Shazam to encourage consumers to unlock secret content related to their products. They do this by using the Shazam app to “listen” to the commercial which then unlocks the content.

The most popular way people are using their smartphones to interact with what they are viewing is through social media. Twitter has become a hot spot for television commentary. Most television shows and commercials even display a specific hash tag to be used when talking about their topic.

Most live events that have high viewership also receive the most social media attention as well. The 2013 Oscars brought in 40.4 million viewers, up a full million from last year’s show. It prompted 6.4 million Oscar related tweets from 1.6 million different people. The most tweeted about moment of the night came when Jennifer Lawrence fell while walking to the stage to claim her Best Actress award.  44,000 tweets were sent commenting on her epic fall.  It is also interesting to note that this moment came at 11:44pm for those watching on the East Coast, quite the late hour for many people to be awake, watching television and tweeting. First time host Seth MacFarlane brought in the most mentions of the night with 52,021 followed by Adele, who was nominated for Best Song, with 23,739.

One of the most tweeted events includes Osama Bin Laden’s death which registered 5,106 tweets per minute.  This event is a particularly good example of the social media phenomenon.  When President Obama came on television in the ten o’clock hour to declare to the world that Osama Bin Laden was dead the Philadelphia Phillies happened to be playing on Sunday night baseball at that exact time.  Watching a baseball game in an enclosed stadium doesn’t usually give one much contact to the outside world but through social media the crowd was soon aware of the monumental news and could be seen and heard on Sunday Night Baseball chanting “U-S-A, U-S-A.”

Other television related events making the top tweeted moments list are: Beyonce revealing her baby bump on the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards (8,868 tweets per second) Tim Tebow’s overtime touchdown pass to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round of the playoffs in 2012 (9,420 tweets per second) and Madonna’s halftime show at the Super Bowl (10,245 tweets per second).

Social media provides an outlet for the masses to discuss these events as they are happening. It also allows for every person to feel as though they have a voice and that people are listening.

“I really enjoy tweeting along with live events.  It is fun to get my opinion out and to also see that other people are thinking like I am about a specific moment or topic,” Drexel University senior, Juliana DeMarici said.

Live tweeting is also becoming popular during new episodes of prime time television. Most shows have their own Twitter account and tweet alongside fans, answering questions and tweeting hints and spoilers throughout the live broadcast. This past week new ABC show, The Taste, had its first season finale. Earlier in the day they held a live twitter chat with mentor chef, Ludo Lefebvre, where he answered fan’s questions for an hour. This allows for a much more in depth connection with the shows a person watches and the actors and characters they play.

Social Guide Intelligence is a Twitter analytics and audience engagement platform for US television which claims to give results and reflection in real time. Social Guide was established because Twitter and social media has transformed the “traditional television viewing experience.” They state that they harness “the real time social activity around linear television” which provides networks, brands, and agencies new ways to understand and reach the new social television audience. Producers and advertisers who recognize the new way people are watching television utilize Social Guide’s statistics to take advantage of a new generation of viewers.

Upon researching what they have to offer to unregistered users it gives a very interesting look into what people are taking about and interacting with based upon what they are viewing on television.  Surprisingly the networks that were being the most talked about were ABC Family, FOX Soccer, FS Florida and SUN Sports. None of these networks show up as tops in the ratings but they are generating a lot of buzz on social media. This is great information that advertisers can use to their advantage for marketing their shows and products.

These are major changes occurring within the television medium that are still being researched and processed daily. Social media and alternative television subscriptions are just the scratch of the surface to where we could go in just a few short years.




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Actresses in Advertisements

Advertising has utilized celebrities throughout time but is it a conflict if an ad depicting a celebrity airs during the time the show they are a part of? Check out this slideshow featuring advertisements throughout the years featuring famous female TV stars.  Do you remember seeing any of these ads?  Did the actress in the ads make you more or less likely to purchase the product?  Sound off in the comments!

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Glee: Girls (and Boys) On Film

After two long weeks of waiting for the return of Glee I have to say that I was quite disappointed in this episode! I wanted answers and I didn’t get any!!

So the episode revolves around songs from movies. I actually really loved all of these classic movie songs! I really enjoyed most of the musical numbers in this episode, especially Come What May. This episode also featured their 500th musical performance! In 4 short seasons, that is a lot of musical numbers!

So the episode again takes place half in New York with Rachel, Kurt and Santana and half in Ohio with the Glee club. The trio in New York are stuck indoors in a snow storm, along with Kurt’s potential new boyfriend. Santana is a complete bitch and makes lots of accusations based on things she found in their apartment when she went rooting through everyone’s things. Basically she comes to the conclusion that Brody is a drug dealer based upon the large sum of money and beeper that she found in his things.  Rachel of course denies it but Kurt is on board with the idea. Later in the episode she confronts Rachel about the pregnancy test she found in the trash can and Rachel breaks down. This is literally all we get in terms of the potential pregnancy news which is so frustrating! That’s what everyone wants to know about!!

Back at William McKinley Finn is determined to find out where Emma is hiding after she left Mr. Schuster at the alter. Finn actually does manage to track her down and Mr. Schuster, accompanied by the entire Glee club, serenade her outside her window with a boom box and all. After the kids scatter post song Will and Emma talk about the state of their relationship and come to the conclusion that they need to start over and get to know each other again. Good plan by the Glee writers because the Wemma fan base is still happy because they are still technically together but it also gives them a problem, something to work through, and drama of course.

Other small parts of the show include dumb Marley dreaming about Ryder and telling Jake that Ryder kissed her on Valentine’s Day, which of course causes him to storm out. Finn also tells Will that he kissed Emma before the wedding! This is going to be the main source of tension in the next episode where Finn and Will will be battling it out on stage which is supposed to get them back on track to being buds.  Uh huh.

Do you think Will can forgive Finn for kissing his almost wife? Will we finally learn if Rachel is pregnant or not next week? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on this week’s episode.

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I Will Go Down With This Ship

Since both Grey’s Anatomy and Glee were off last week (Glee for the past two excruciating weeks!)  I have decided to talk about the past and future state of Finchel (Finn and Rachel, from Glee).  Ever since the Valentine’s Day episode “I Do” I have been stuck on Finn’s mini speech to her.

Finn: [to Rachel] You and I both know how this thing ends. I don’t know how, or  when, and I don’t care where you’re living or what dope you’re shacked up with.  You’re my girlfriend. We are endgame. I know that and you know that.

This is pretty heavy.  Say the word endgame to any girl and their panties pretty much drop instantly, just like Rachel did.  Endgame is powerful.  It has meanings of marriage and happily ever after.  But just exactly where were we in the Finchel relationship before that point?  They were broken up, sure, but…why?  At the end of Season 3 Finn lets Rachel go to New York, setting her free.  He tells her that if they are meant to be together the universe will make it so.  Rachel goes to New York and misses Finn, acting like she is still a taken woman.  She has her little makeover episode and she kisses Brody right before Finn walks through the door.  Finn tells her how he is done with the Army and Rachel tries to incorporate him into her NYADA lifestyle, hopeful for them to be together again.  But because Finn feels his life is inadequate to the life Rachel is building for herself in New York and because he could sense her budding relationship with Brody he gets emo and leaves New York without telling Rachel.  So she flies all the way back to Ohio to tell him that she can’t chase him anymore and that they are done temporarily.  Flash forward four short months, when Finn has his confidence built back up by the Glee club and Rachel and Finn seem like best friends in their conversations.  At the wedding he tells her the quote above and they jump into bed together before Rachel heads back to New York and to Brody.

To me this is the typical first love type of saga.  The kind of love that you’ll never really forget about and the kind where you never stop loving that person.  Most teenager based shows have this kind of ship.  I am pulling for Rachel and Finn to be together – but I am sure they’ll have many more ups and downs throughout the years that Glee remains.  Here’s hoping to a positive outcome for them in this week’s episode!  Either 1.) Finn be the father or 2.) False positive!

Do you ship Finchel?  Sound off in the comments about what you think will happen on this week’s episode between Rachel & Finn!

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The evolution of Rachel Berry

Rachel Berry of Glee has definitely gone through some major character changes this season! And along with them have come some rocking new style changes as well. I am loving the new hair style and clothing choices. Check out the slide show below to see just how far Rachel has come in 4 seasons. Let’s hope we don’t have to add maternity outfits to this slideshow! Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think is Rachel’s best look!

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Grey’s Anatomy – Hard Bargins

When we last left our Seattle Grace doctors they were lamenting the impending sale of the hospital and sneaking in trauma patients.  Callie and Richard tank a recon trip to a nearby hospital run by incoming buyer, Pegasus.  What they find in their excursion has them both feeling unsettled, and has Richard considering an early retirement package!  In an attempt to save the hospital from what Callie sees as impending doom, she proposes that the plane crash survivors buy the hospital themselves.  What are hospitals going for these days anyway?  Can you imagine the 5 of them running a hospital?  They can barely run their own lives.  I’m really looking forward to seeing this storyline play out if they do in fact go through with buying the hospital.

This week’s episode titled “Hard Bargin” has Derek proposing to resign from Seattle Grace (doubtful) and Owen being forced to turn down a child for an expensive surgery.  And of course we’ll have more of Alex and Jo working together.  A picture for the following week’s episode shows Jo in tears after a conversation with Alex.  There is speculation the tears could be caused by him or by the intern’s fear of being fired from financial cuts.

In other spoiler-y news: Michael Ausiello reports that series creator Shonda Rhimes has stated that the season ender will not feature a “catastrophe” this year.  Thank goodness because I don’t think this little hospital could take much more of that.  Rhimes says that she has “a general idea of what the finale is going to be, but it’s been evolving as the season progresses…”

What are you looking forward to seeing this week?  Do you think the five will actually buy the hospital and do you think they’ll be able to keep their day jobs to do it?  Think this will be the week that Alex and Jo will get together?  Or Jackson and April?  Sound off in the comments and watch along with us this week!


Glee – Diva’s a Female Version of a Hustla

Thank goodness for the return of themed Glee episodes!  DIVA – I can’t believe they haven’t done this one before.  So we’ll start with the #1 Diva, Rachel.  Apparently winning the showcase has gone to her head, and Kurt complains that she is being a pain because of it.  He tells her that he let her win their first singing competition and that he could beat her anytime he wants, which of course he does.  I don’t understand why they always knock Rachel down.  Let the girl shine! Of course she pouts like a child for the rest of the episode.

Diva #2 – Santana.  I was so excited when Sue said “What is with you glee club ex-pats? Don’t you have jobs? You have to have some source of income so you can pay the staff of scientists who service your teleporters that you all clearly on since you’re constantly showing up here.” It was exactly what I was thinking.  NY, Ohio, NY- crazy.  And what a burn on Britney after her performance, pretending to have a new girlfriend!  AH!  She is so selfish for breaking up with Britney and not wanting anyone else to have her.  Such great performances from Santana all night – that girl is a diva!

Also in this episode is more Tina pining over Blaine which really annoys me for some reason. She finally won a competition by singing good old Madonna. Yay for her, what a transformation from season 1.

Mr. Schu is getting married next week!  YAY!  I totally called it, something was going to happen between Finn and Mrs. Pillsbury though.  There’s another inappropriate relationship.

Also – I really didn’t like any of the songs in this episode, so it was a real bummer.  Hopefully next week’s Vanentine’s/Wedding episode will provide better songs!  What did you think of this week’s songs?  Think Mr. Schu and Ms. Pillsbury will actually wind up getting married next week?  Sound off in the comments!

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Are Super Bowl Ads a Steal?

So everyone knows there is an actual football game on tomorrow in between those commercials right?  Of course I am joking; but the commercials have almost become as popular as the game itself.  This year many advertisers released teaser versions of their commercials to generate even more hype.  But are these commercials cost effective?  Comparatively with the high ranked American Idol – it is!  Companies are paying only seven thousand dollars more per viewer for the Super Bowl than they are for American Idol.

Whose commercial are you most looking forward to seeing tomorrow?  Do you have an opinion on the game or will you just be watching for the commercials?  Sound off in the comments!

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SAG Award Fashion!

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The SAG Awards were another chance for our TV actors and actresses to get dressed up and strut their stuff on the Red Carpet for awards season! Two definite trends of the night were the color black and side-part hairstyles! See some of the top hits and misses in the slideshow, and sound off in the comments on your best/worst dress picks.

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Here’s What You Missed On Glee…

When we last saw our gleeks they were merrily singing Christmas tunes from New York City to good old Lima, Ohio. If you haven’t seen this episode yet, you better catch up before Glee returns this Thursday, January 24th.

In New York Kurt received a Christmas visit from his father – and Blaine! The two sang a Christmas duet as they skated through Central Park. The happiness was short lived, though, once Kurt’s father dropped the bomb that he was diagnosed with cancer. Back at McKinley, Britney and Sam prepare for the Mayan apocalypse by getting married – only to live through the December 21st doomsday and find out that Coach Beast provided them with a fake wedding. In the spirit of Christmas togetherness, Puck and Jake brought together their nemesis mothers. Meanwhile, Coach Sylvester provided her secret Santa pick of Marley’s mother with a grand Christmas and enough money to send Marley to a therapist who specializes in eating disorders. A whole bunch of Christmas merriness ensues with many musical numbers surrounding Christmas.

I am really looking forward to Glee returning from their winter hiatus. This week’s episode is entitled “Sadie Hawkins Dance,” so I’m foreseeing a lot of interesting couple match-ups this week. I am also hearing something about a cheating scandal from Sectionals which would only be the easy way out for the Glee writers. What is a season where you have nothing to compete for and nothing to work and practice towards? So we’ll just say they cheated, and New Directions wins? Easily predictable- which Glee is definitely becoming recently. We also have some exciting songs to look forward to this week including a current favorite of mine: “Locked Out Of Heaven” by Bruno Mars which will be sung by Marley, Unique and the girls.

Sound off in the comments about what you are looking forward to seeing in the second half of season 4! Rachel and Finn back together? The return of mean Sue? The wedding of Ms. Pillsbury and Mr. Shue? Let me know!

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