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Today’s post is dedicated to the fashion of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The past few episodes have been extremely dedicated to fashion and the women can’t get enough of their designer brands. I must say, the ladies always seem to work their fashions well and usually never look tacky. Now if only they could take that mindset and apply it to their hair-tinsel and plastic surgery… but I digress.

Yolanda bought Brandi a pair of turquoise heels while they were in Paris and it was a very sweet gesture. Brandi has gone through a very public divorce (her ex, Eddie Cibrian, left her for LeeAnn Rhymes. Google it.) and it was nice to see Yolanda take her under her wing and experience true Paris fashion. The shoes were Louis Vuitton and can be seen here. Photo Credit: Stoopid Housewives

As mentioned before, Kyle’s husband bought his sister-in-law Kim a purse to celebrate her sobriety in the Paris episode. The bag is made by Stella McCartney and goes for a cool $1,195.00. It can be seen here. The large bag is called an “infinity bag” and has a chain link strap. You can see Kim look longingly for it here. Thanks BigBlondeHair.com for the photo!

In last week’s episode we see that Kyle opens up her own boutique now that Portia, her youngest daughter, is a full-time kindergartner. What is this empty nester to do? Buy a ton of clothes and a store space in one of the most coveted shopping districts in Beverly Hills, of course! Good thing Mauricio is a great realtor. I’m sure he got her a really good deal on the commercial space. She carries all the latest trends- Boho style, Haute Hippie, BCBG, Robert Rodriguez, and Jennifer Zeuner jewelry. You can find Kyle by Alene Too’s Facebook Page here. It’s definitely worth a browse, her inventory is impressive and she has some decently-priced items hiding in there.

Real Housewives Fashion

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Real Housewives Recap: Tea Party Style

This past episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills featured Lisa’s annual tea party. If you could recall, last season’s tea party ended in tears and drunken screams. This year, Lisa is sure she won’t disappoint and brings the drama by inviting Brandi and Adrienne, who have been battling one another complete with a lawsuit threat. That sounds like two perfect people to be attending the same event.

Brandi showed the ladies around Lisa’s new house and even tours her “own room,” which is a guest room within the estate. Brandi jokes as if she is their teenage daughter. During the tour, Brandi and Taylor discover a very tasteful nude photo of Lisa and giggle like schoolgirls. They also get lost in Lisa’s closet, which looks more like a shopping mall. Everything Lisa owns truly is pink.

The tea party was lavish. The decor was pristine. The men were hot. Yes, the men- Lisa’s waitstaff. She had Jax and ponytail man from Sur, and her spin-off show “Vanderpump Rules” bartend her tea party. Did I mention a Vanderpump tea party has no tea? Lisa’s teaparty serves cocktails only.

Fast forward to all of the ladies sitting at their table and giving a usual Real Housewives style toast. This is obviously asked of the cast by all of the producers in every Housewives’ franchise on television. It usually goes something like this- “There has been drama, but we’re all here at this table, so let’s all celebrate together!” Usually, the audience isn’t quite sure what they are celebrating, but we go with it anyway.

After a particularly half-assed toast, Taylor Armstrong makes her swift and desperate attempt to remain legitimate in the show. She quips- “everyone loves to sue everyone here, so that’ll be fun.” BAM- instant drama! Several ladies are clearly wasted at this time and Adrienne is not amused. Brandi looks shocked, and Taylor is giggling and slurring her words. Kyle instantly changes the subject and mentions the upcoming white party, and Taylor rebuts that she did not like being turned away from the white party when her (now deceased) husband threatened to sue. Brandi starts looking for the hot bartenders so she doesn’t draw attention to herself. Lisa is not amused and asked Taylor to get up and help her grab something from the house. Lisa tells Taylor to cut the crap and stop instigating the ladies. Taylor uses a phony excuse and says that she is not (cough-trying to make drama on television to stay relevant-cough) doing that, but is offended because Adrienne had gotten mad at Taylor’s lawsuit last season. Let’s call this Taylor’s revenge.

Taylor’s comment obviously broke the ice to begin a screaming match between Brandi and Adrienne across the table. Allegations went flying as the ladies accused one another of slander on Twitter, denying lawsuitgate, and even bringing Adriennes butler into the feud. Did he or didn’t he leak info to the press about Brandi? Obviously he did because he also did this. Why, Bernie, why? That story is neither here nor there, but it is a mess and who knows who is lying! The drama will obviously come to a head when the white party happens next week. More alcohol, more outlandish behavior, and the husbands get involved! I can’t wait to see Ken stand up for what he believes in- he is such a cute British man and I can’t even imagine him getting mad! Until next time…

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