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Glee: Girls (and Boys) On Film

After two long weeks of waiting for the return of Glee I have to say that I was quite disappointed in this episode! I wanted answers and I didn’t get any!!

So the episode revolves around songs from movies. I actually really loved all of these classic movie songs! I really enjoyed most of the musical numbers in this episode, especially Come What May. This episode also featured their 500th musical performance! In 4 short seasons, that is a lot of musical numbers!

So the episode again takes place half in New York with Rachel, Kurt and Santana and half in Ohio with the Glee club. The trio in New York are stuck indoors in a snow storm, along with Kurt’s potential new boyfriend. Santana is a complete bitch and makes lots of accusations based on things she found in their apartment when she went rooting through everyone’s things. Basically she comes to the conclusion that Brody is a drug dealer based upon the large sum of money and beeper that she found in his things.  Rachel of course denies it but Kurt is on board with the idea. Later in the episode she confronts Rachel about the pregnancy test she found in the trash can and Rachel breaks down. This is literally all we get in terms of the potential pregnancy news which is so frustrating! That’s what everyone wants to know about!!

Back at William McKinley Finn is determined to find out where Emma is hiding after she left Mr. Schuster at the alter. Finn actually does manage to track her down and Mr. Schuster, accompanied by the entire Glee club, serenade her outside her window with a boom box and all. After the kids scatter post song Will and Emma talk about the state of their relationship and come to the conclusion that they need to start over and get to know each other again. Good plan by the Glee writers because the Wemma fan base is still happy because they are still technically together but it also gives them a problem, something to work through, and drama of course.

Other small parts of the show include dumb Marley dreaming about Ryder and telling Jake that Ryder kissed her on Valentine’s Day, which of course causes him to storm out. Finn also tells Will that he kissed Emma before the wedding! This is going to be the main source of tension in the next episode where Finn and Will will be battling it out on stage which is supposed to get them back on track to being buds.  Uh huh.

Do you think Will can forgive Finn for kissing his almost wife? Will we finally learn if Rachel is pregnant or not next week? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on this week’s episode.

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